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Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования "Дагестанский государственный технический университет"


Dear girls and boys!


So you have finished school.  It’s time now to take your first independent step – to choose a profession. Many things in your life will depend on this choice: whether you’ll be able to realize all your abilities, or have a good job and be satisfied with it, or take up a good position in the society at last. 

Our age of high technologies is unthinkable without computer engineering and modern technical equipment. That’s why with the development of the market reforms the specialists with good technical knowledge and the complex machinery using skills will be in great demand in our country.  In Daghestan State Technical University you will be able to get this kind of knowledge and practical skills. 

DGTU is one of the leading higher schools of the North Caucasus and the country. The University has a modern scientific, academic and technical base. Our graduates work successfully in the scientific establishments and industrial enterprises almost of all branches of economy both in Daghestan and regions of Russia and abroad as well. 

The student’s life is, certainly, the most interesting and brightest one. Alongside with the high-skill professional training you will have the opportunity of doing research in the post-graduate departments. Besides you will be able not only to become professionals in chosen sphere, but to demonstrate your talents in annual sport and other events, and the most quick-witted and cheerful of you will continue the tradition of our KVN (Club of the Most Quick-Witted and Cheerful) team. 

You will have the opportunity to strengthen your health in the “Health” university centre, and in summer period – in our sports and fitness camp at the Caspian seaside. 

Be healthy and good luck to you! I’m sure DGTU is the right choice for you. Welcome to our university!



Rector of DGTU, Honored Worker of Science 

of the Russian Federation,

Doctor of Technology, Professor