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Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования "Дагестанский государственный технический университет"

Choosing an innovative university

To Become a Student of Innovative Higher School of the Country


Each applicant has a desire to enter the most prestigious university of his or her region and country, and to be sure of a tuition quality, and up-to-datedness of educational methods, and need for the chosen specialty on the labour market. There are general technologies to determine a university status, but more often the applicants trust to the established in the all-Russian space status of a higher school, certified by certain documents. 

Being a prestigious technical university DGTU has been a leader in training of engineering specialists for the region, country and world for many years. The Bachelor’s, the Specialty’s and the Master’s programs, educational level and advanced educational technologies meet international standards and make DGTU prime in the educational space of the region. 

DGTU has a high status of an innovative higher school, and teaching here is realized on advanced educational programs, giving advantages to its graduates in further job placement and in choice of the most prestigious spheres of activity. DGTU is among those universities of the country that comprise the membership of Bologna club, and the fact confirms the advanced positions of the University in mastering the standards of a single European educational space  

In July 2012 Daghestan State Technical University was again acknowledged as the best university of the country, and awarded with a golden medal “100 Best Universities of Russia”, and conferred the title “The Best Innovative University” at the prestigious all-Russian competition, that took place in St.Petersburg. The independent Public Council moderated by State Duma, Council of the Federation and Russian Board of Rectors organized the contest “100 Best Universities of Russia”. The major goals of the contest were to compile the rating of higher schools and of design, construction and technological organizations of the country, to assess their contribution to the development of the advanced and innovative technologies, to improve the scientific research and developments. 

Heads of the country’s leading higher schools, research institutes, scientific and research centres and organizations took part in the work of the organizational committee.  SEE HPE “Bauman Moscow State Technical University”, FSEE HPE “Moscow State Technical University”, FSEE HPE “St.Petersburg State University”, “National Research Nuclear University (MIFI)”, FSEE HPE “Tyumen State University”, FSEE HPE “Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University”, FSEE HPE “National Research Tomsky University”, FSEE HPE “St. Petersburg Academic  University”, the scientific and educational centre of nanotechnologies  and other leading higher schools of the country got into the list of the 100 best universities of the country alongside with the Daghestan State Technical University.

When determining the winners of the competition, scientific and technical approach and intellectual potential, image of a university, level of research papers, job placement and career were taken into consideration. 

By the results of the candidatures consideration the honorary title of the “The Rector of the Year” of the RF was given to Tagir Abdurashidovich Ismailov, the Rector of DGTU, Doctor of Technology, Professor, the Chairman of the Rectors’ Board of the Daghestan higher schools.

The victory of DGTU in the competition has confirmed the right way implementing the innovative approaches into education and science development, and approved the efficient process of integration into international university community as well. 

For the last few years the university has made many effective steps: the innovative programs of the development have been working, the cooperation with the business spheres has been settled up. Programs, methods of teaching, the educational level, logistics, high coefficients of graduates’ job placement and many other important criteria allow the University to take significant positions in the Russian higher school.

The effectiveness of the activity of all university departments, research institutes and centers has been approved by numerous victories at the prestigious international and All-Russian contests. Being a perspective University in realizing large-scale tasks, DGTU effectively realizes the first-priority directions of a higher school. Specialists in engineering taught at DGTU are the qualified base capable to reform the economy of the republic, and to give necessary rates to the growth of industrial production, transport, food and IT industries. 

Having a high-priority position in the higher schools rating Technical University graduates are competent managers, needed architects, builders and professionals in many fields.  The students and teachers of DGTU are involved in fulfilling of big research projects, and some of them became the pride of the University in the face of top-ranking guests and the participants of the Daghestan Economic Forum. Innovative sectors of development are growing points for the Daghestan economy.  Involvement of DGTU in realizing of the large-scale projects on the region economy development is a proof of the educational and research programs’ high level. The fact is that the analogue of “silicon valley” is in a process of creating in the republic, the project realized together with Scolkovo. The level of DGTU allows developing the perspective directions and putting into practice large-scale and research projects. Much attention at the university is paid to innovations, to fulfilling of research works in many fields and that helps to position the University as a research and innovative university. This is a competitive advantage of DGTU, a developer of innovative projects that are being introduced into the economy of the republic. 

Innovative model of the university development demands integration of scientific and educational activity, development and implementation of mechanism increasing a real competitiveness of the university through the improvement of the all trends’ quality. 

DGTU has been conducting a policy of orientation and transition to market demand in the specialists training in the frameworks of innovative strategy. Forming and developing innovative potential, DGTU transformed into a special academic-scientific-innovative complex interacting with innovative infrastructure in the form of Scientific and Research Institute, experimental and engineering productions, structural bureaus, scientific and research-production centers, skills training and retraining  centers, business incubators, small and medium innovative scientific enterprises.

Besides the scientific, innovative and academic achievements DGTU is the recognized leader in the sphere of amateur arts developments. Daghestan State Technical University has been the best in the Republican “Students’ Spring” festival for the last five years. The university creative group won many prize-winning places in the all-Russian festival “Students’ Spring -2012” in Chelyabinsk. DGTU is the Grand Prize winner of the International Students’ Spring of CIS in the Caucasus. 

The regular monitoring, recording and a thorough controlling of the University educational system allow getting considerable advances in all directions of the University activity. 

DGTU graduates the specialists of up-to-date level , trained to take efficient decisions, familiar not only with modern methods of work in the real market conditions but having substantial scientific base, unique composition of competences and mobile approach to decision-making.